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We have policies to cover your property and protect it from catastrophic events, all for a competitive price that allows you peace of mind while you stay within your budget!

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Across Florida from Pensacola to to Miami, covering numerous metro areas including Jacksonville and Orlando, we’re the affordable, comprehensive homeowner's insurance agency you can trust. We provide all types of coverage, including policies for condos, single family homes, investment properties, daily rentals, vacant properties, builder's risk & others. Don’t take a chance with an agency that doesn’t understand your needs or the special challenges that face Florida real estate owners. We’re the locals Floridians rely on for all their insurance needs.
Considering windstorm or flood insurance? We have policies to cover these catastrophic events and more, all for a competitive price that allows you peace of mind while you stay within your budget! Concerned about protecting your mobile home? We offer great coverage designed precisely for your unique investment.
We at One Plus Insurance offer low priced, high quality homeowners insurance and specialize in friendly, courteous customer service. We make it our mission to offer you many choices, but only from A rated, reputable insurance companies that are also known for their stellar reputations. With hundreds of satisfied customers, we are a team of experienced, seasoned insurance professionals, available to help you find exactly the right coverage... at exactly the right price whenever you need it.
Owning a home is a privilege, but you must protect this privilege with the right insurance plan for your individual needs and circumstances. One Plus Insurance is here to help, from sorting through which coverage you require and which you don’t to advising you on which low cost policy will be appropriate for your particular property.

Get in touch with us today for a free quote. We look forward to discussing with you which policy works best for your home or property. Get peace of mind today.

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